“Streetlight,” a Black Fox’s take on Photography

This is where we take contributions from our urban explorers, meaning anyone who wishes to contribute a worthy pic of their city. Abandoned houses, noir photography, caves or tunnels, the dark, strange or different are welcome here. Take from examples of what you see if you wish to make a submission. Send your submissions to the contact section of the site.


– Blackfox, taken in Kotzebue AK (Posted 12.11.2017)
Thank you Fox. This was taken outside of his work at A.C. in small town Kotzebue, 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Sent to us from The Cracks, this one and five more like it are from an abandoned TB unit turned psyche ward in Fairfield, Maine. The state runs the site, but we had no problem getting in. We stayed for 20 mins. (Asbestos warning) Rebecca, thanks for your contribution to the cause. Obscured parking spaces are available… 🙂

Taken on Whipple St. in Winslow, ME