AnonRadio U.S. makes it’s return as “Anonymous Radio Redux” starting late November

By Anonymous Radio Redux, Blackfox

Anonymous Radio, an old platform and idea makes its return as something new. Once a random forum of ideas hosted by a lost and wasted youth “Blackfox,”  is now reborn to meet the needs in a new and less diverse media atmosphere. “Perpetuating a culture of dissent by protmoting diversity in thought” is the motto. we are told that the sides we take define us, what better then a time, to not be sold. .

The media is disintegrating into partisan politics whose sides are predetermined by corporate interests. As we know, all news outlets are owned by a select few like Time Warner. Very few points of view regarding the war for instance and especially ever make it to the screen. “I wont begin to speak on the topic of how these same companies helped start the war to begin with by selling the WMD myth to the people. A timeline of that myth and how it was perpetuated lives here. (Here’s what Jon Schwarz of The Intercept had to say.) So we know we can’t trust the Mainstream and a lot of our politicians, what does that leave us with? It leaves us with voices who claim to be alternative and out for truth and your best interests. But can we trust the alternative, or is what we get unverifiable information and bias to an even worse extent?

The alternative media has brought us voices like Alex Jones who at one point pleaded with his listeners in fits of incoherent rage to break free from the shackles of a left right paradigm… (here) or classics like Art Bell who no longer operate their shows. The Alternative has given us such notables as John B Wells and David Icke, but something has happened. Jones is towing the Trump line. Wells seems to lean ever more toward the direction of fear much like Chris Greene of AMTV, and everyone is picking a side. Long since the days where independent media was an outlet for individuals who fly signs and hold cameras to the faces of their favorite politicians and focus on real issues of corruption and greed. It seems now it has become a mechanism for misinformation and subjectivity, and cult mentalities . Even Jones has sold out.

“Your told to be afraid, that each side is out to kill or control the other. All the while never learning a thing from each other in a simple Facebook debate that ends in a block. I’d say the left-right paradigm is in full effect. ” – Blackfox

Ideas are revolutionary, they stand the test of time. There is enough truth in everyone’s opinion to create a movement. Ideas are powerful, seek to empower yourself by never fully subscribing to one but make room for all or many. “Sometimes the more you know the less you learn”
Progress is then only made by the accepting that we don’t know everything even when evidence shows we are right. The earth was flat once. At least that’s what we were told. Damn the hethens who claim blasphemy that the world could indeed prove round. A man could travel and return one directionally? The idea seemed daft. Now we fly, and some would argue we have been to the moon. As the author of this article I believe this, But my beliefs don’t interfere with the many who I have had on my show who think the initial landing at least was staged. It’s possible, and if I were wrong… man I’d hate to be that guy. It seems opinions are a trap. Once you have them you can be easily sold. You have to stand by the line and “be that guy” and at least defend them, which can be dangerous in groups. I like to serve as a single conduit of consciousness, opening the veil beyond human experience.

We are easier to sell to when we think in groups. Brands have groups. Certain products are tailored to a certain demographic… Don’t be a sheeple. Don’t subscribe, don’t agree with me, don’t like my posts. Make your own. Read, cross check, research. Don’t blindly accept. Self determination is a powerful skill. Critical thinking is a tool. If you accept all the stupid shit Alex Jones says, you’ll make the arms industry rich… Or maybe someday they will come for the guns. an issue it would also suck to be wrong about. If a party says they support the 2nd amendment, voters, especially the single issue voters will support that candidate. It may be false hope and lack of options. But we support them anyway. They lie, we do it again. Sometimes we switch wings, Same bird. New boss same as the old.

– Huffington Post

The undisputed truth here is that fewer and fewer have a piece of the world. The question will remain for now, will they share? Or will some dire future of human micro chipping lead to enslavement? Will the world turn into some hellscape similar to one proposed in the movie Infini. Not the overall plot but the intro text about a world where consolidation of wealth has resulted in mass poverty about 98%. How mass technological unemployment without recourse has made “space miner” a great sounding profession. An introduction movie text I will soon upload a picture of later. perhaps censorship really has taken effect as I’m not able to find one online anywhere. A theory, but time will tell if such a world would sustain itself. An argument one group makes is that “companies can’t exist without their willing customers.” Another member of that same group may say “for lack of options they thrive.”

Lying is easier in groups according to a study from Munich. (here) Maybe we are; due to isolation in the age of technology; becoming too skeptical towards each other… I’d rather buy from a local pot store then trust my dealer if the price is right. Same could be said about information and politics. It’s safer and more efficient supposedly to trust a self proclaimed official source then vote Third party. get uncomfortable. if we want things to change, we have to change our minds and constantly. Grow your own. Develop your own narrative. Think for yourself.

UCLA Psychologist claims a decline in critical thinking ability whilst an increase visual intelligence. Link here. Doesn’t that point toward a future where we can preform many advanced procedures through a screen but can’t decide for ourselves if flouride is safe to drink? The water supply in Flint is still in the toilet, but the vast majority of Facebook users would rather bash the president just because the media is doing it. Certainly a younger more rebellious audience are railing against the corporate takeover of the water supply by companies like Nestle, or the Fukushima crisis still in effect…? These are real issues however which receive little attention. As if there isn’t some corporate stake in keeping people focused on the government in this crucial time. So technology has progressed, everyone is online. 20 years past a generation that used to great each other at the newspaper stand. But are we more diverse? Are we dictated by the fewer and fewer websites that are taking over the visible internet? Is our willingness to use screens to fulfill our social needs making us more connected, or driving us apart? Are we learning yet, or are we less informed?

This station has a history with broadcasters like Chuck Ochelli from The Ochelli Effect, Jim Lee from ClimateViewer3D, author of Anatomy of Slavespeak, who also made an appearance on John B Wells‘ show “Caravan to Midnight.”  Debi Daly appears as well as Sherri from American Freedom RadioBarry Prince from The Big Puzzle and Brian Porter, editor and contributor for The Liberty Beacon and Webmaster at Making a Difference TV. We host a wide range of content, from all ends of the spectrum. Anonymous Radio Redux is looking for contributors of all varieties to join in and if you just have a story you’d like to tell you can email using the contact information in the “contact” tab.  If you want to join us by writing, send your articles, essays and such to site admin. The only rule is “Diversity in thought.” A willingness to speak and listen. Moderators will be present but few rules. ” I don’t discriminate, my disdain for the human race is pretty evenly distributed.” – Blackfox


Twitter @AnonRadioRedux



           Anonymous Radio returns late November on Spreaker with a quick progression to additional platforms. “I’ll be your host ‘The Microphone.’ Playin’ some fine beats in between talk” – Blackfox.

Schedule: Fri, Sat, Sun: 9-11PM EST



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