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“Providing Central Maine with a much needed alternative. Paranormal, parapolitical, philosophical and unique content from our team. Perpetuating a culture of dissent in a communication breakdown society. Are we more connected or being driven apart?”

Anonymous Radio Redux


Please sub to our Twitter and Gab for regular updates regarding our sporadic material.

9-Midnight on weekends we unload our investigations of the week into a new podcast, plus articles in the Anonymous News section of our site.

We desire to establish a 24 hour broadcasting format once again. Project dated Summer of 2020.

We are not YouTube friendly and typically skip a beat or two, or three over on the site per upload. BitChute is our home for archives of new podcasts.

Uploads and Archive


BitChute 1 

Both of these are pretty sexy. One drops off in a repository of old podcasts from Vegas plus new interviews with guests, and number 2 is like a rabbit hole of random creations by Anonymous Radio. Updated once weekly.

BitChute 2

* * *

VidLii is for oldschool YouTube style. We drop some content here a few times a month.

Vimeo is a limited alternative and much of it here is for emergency storage. Valued content but not frequently updated.

Social Media


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Check the LIVE stream for new content periodically (midnights on weekends).

Our Chat Room

skype-logo_318-50258Skype: live:foxniner1993

Our phone lines to speak to the operators are 207.619.1414

You can also leave a message or text.

Additional Resources

Please visit our library for info about the New World Order and more…

*Read the ‘Directors’ section in the above photo.

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