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“Providing Central Maine with a much needed alternative. Paranormal, parapolitical, philosophical and unique content from our team–perpetuating a culture of dissent in a communication breakdown society. Are we more connected or being driven apart?”

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  • adj.
    Brought back; returned. Used postpositively.
  • Led or brought back, as from a distance, from captivity, etc.: as, “Astræa Redux” (the title of a poem by Dryden on the restoration and return of Charles II.).
  • In medicine, noting the return of certain physical signs, after their disappearance in consequence of disease.

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Midnight-3AM EST Fri.-Sun., we unload our investigations of the week into a new podcast, plus articles in the Anonymous News section of our site.

We are not YouTube friendly and typically skip a beat or two, or three over on the site per upload. BitChute is our home for archives of new podcasts.

Money is corruption. We are non-profit. Media is free speech. Always do your own research. Be the media. . .

Admittedly our host, and sometimes primary investigator, indulges in sublime debauchery and reckless endeavors.

! Local Awareness !

! Local Awareness !

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